What is a Divorce?

Legally referred to as dissolution of marriage. A divorce is the termination of a marriage by a legal proceeding or in a court. Divorces are generally categorized as contested or uncontested. In a contested divorce, the parties cannot agree on at least one issue, while in an uncontested divorce, the parties agree to all terms. We agressively focus on your asset division, parental rights, child custody, mother's rights, parental alienation, and unfortuantely child kidnapping situations. How you handle a divorce matters.

‚ÄčRegardless of the circustances a divorce is emotionally and mentally tough. Being available for our clients and handling these sensitive issues with compassion and dedication to thier needs is a critical element of achieving the best posible outcome. We care about you and your children.

A legal separation, which many states still offer, only terminates the right of cohabitation, but not the legal status of the marriage itself.


There are serious financial complications and issues that need to be addressed. Custody issues and division of property, assets, and debt are often hard fought battles. Know your rights before you file for a divorce. If your partner serves you papers or indicates he/she wants a divorce contact Pelloux Law or an attorney immediately. Your social security, retirement, savings, home, business, and even inheritance may be at risk. All debts incurred during the marriage are joint (even if you are unaware of the debt) you may have to share these as well. Custody issues and maintaining a relationship with your children may also be in jeopardy.


Amiable and fair dissolution of a marriage is our goal. When this is not possible, Pelloux Law Colorado divorce attornys will fight for you and pursue every legal tactic and issue to secure your financial future and maintain a relationship/custody with your most precious asset, your children.

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